Your ride’s brakes, wheels, and transmissions are among your ride’s most important systems and components. Therefore, when you need components for these assemblies, you shouldn’t settle for less, or else, you’ll be compromising your ride’s performance. Why not put your trust in Seiken Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.? Founded in 1959, this company was originally the laboratory for brake and brake fluid of Meiji Sangyo Company. Since 1933, this company has been importing brake parts and later on started to manufacture them. The company’s motto is “Quality First” and that’s what leads it and its Seiken brand in producing reliable automotive products not just in Japan but across the globe as well.

Being the heart and soul of our merchandising, Seiken is one of the most popular brands in Sri Lanka. Boasting of over 95% market share for rubber cups, Seiken is arguably the most valued brand in the automotive aftermarket industry in Sri Lanka. SKM is proud to serve the island as the authorized importer for this brand for three highly successful decades. Recently introduced Seiken Brake Fluid (Brake oil) is a fast emerging product offered to the quality seeking gentlemen. Click here to enter the website.

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