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Jikiu produces rubber parts such as Bushes and Engine mounts in Thailand.

April 25, 2018


Established in March 14, 2012 and based in Okayama, Japan, KiBi has been developing business mainly based on industrial sealing products such as gaskets for automobile engines and oil seals, taking advantage of its technical capabilities to cultivate many new fields and fulfill demand gaps in the market. Going forward, KiBi will continue to develop […]

April 25, 2018


JS Askashi is a Tokyo based company which has it’s production plant in South Korea. It has a complete product range of filters which consists of Oil, Air, Fuel, Cabin and Transmission filters. JS Asakashi is SKM’s latest addition to its’ product range with a positive market outlook in the years to come. Continuous inquiries […]

April 25, 2018


The trademark 5’825 belongs to the Japanese company Ohno Rubber Industrial, one of the most famous manufacturers of rubber products for Japanese cars. The company was founded in 1941 and is the most popular in the domestic market of Japan A brand strictly targets the popular market segment for our company, high quality seekers, 5’825 […]

April 25, 2018