About us

Company background

Initiated in late 1970s, during an era when Japanese vehicles were rising above British vehicles, there was a demand gap for high quality Japanese spare parts. This gap was identified by Srikantha Motors Lanka (Private) Limited and took the initiative to introduce high quality Japanese spare part brands such as Seiken, NWB, Niles and Musashi to the nation importing from Meiji Sangyo Company, Japan. Company was established in 1986 and went on to become a corporate entity in 2016. As a company started with the efforts of our founder Mr. Srikantha Thrimanne Hettige, currently we are proud to be the authorized importer and distributor for such world class brands.

We import a wide range of products giving quality the priority rather than the cost. In fact, as a policy we intend to remain in the market segmentation as a company that only deals high quality products, from brake parts to wiper blades. Srikantha Motors Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., has been empowering the nation’s automobile industry by distributing such products for over three decades island wide along with providing employment for the country’s youth. In the years to come, we hope to remain as a company that provides quality products for our valuable customers.

Chairman’s Message

Sri lanka’s automobile industry is dominated by the Japanese car manufactures since late 1970s. Hence the demand of spare parts for Japanese vehicles was identified by our company. As a result, our company decided to fulfil this demand by importing World class motor spare parts such as Seiken hydraulic brake parts, NWB (Nippon wiper blades) and Musashi oil seals.

According to the department of motor traffic statistics, the vehicle population in the country has been increasing at an average rate of 9% for the past 10 years. We have identified that certain vehicle owners/users, decide to use lower quality spare parts simply due to the lower price. However, being in the industry and in my experience, Mentions must to be made regarding the fact that highest quality products will ensure the long lasting performance of the vehicle. As our vision statement suggests, our wish is to provide high quality spare parts for all the vehicles in Srilanka.

Why choose us?

Quality Assurance:
As a policy we only import the best Japanese products. The brands that are dealt are those that have an exceptional reputation both nationally and internationally. We strictly do not deal duplicate or other counterfeit brands.

Swift Delivery:
Ordered products are delivered to the customers within the minimal time depending on the distance. Maximum time to deliver after handing over the order would be 2 days. We choose reputed courier services and our own distribution channels for delivery.

Finest information:
We provide the latest information regarding the industry to our clients to ensure a long lasting relationship. These information could be product related or market related.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

While building strong business relationships with our partners and providing high quality auto parts, we wish to transform island’s automotive industry to an innovation driven stage.

Establish corporate identity

Practice & Promote corporate ethics

Become an Influential distributor

Enhance service efficiency

Advance in business relationship development


1. Four decades of experience

2. Authorized importer-ship of influential brands

3. Sustained supply chain

4. Networks

  • Established affiliations with colossal suppliers
  • Long standing association with island’s elite retailers
  • Responsive relationships with competitors
  • Experienced & Skilled staff

Our Team