Established in March 14, 2012 and based in Okayama, Japan, KiBi has been developing business mainly based on industrial sealing products such as gaskets for automobile engines and oil seals, taking advantage of its technical capabilities to cultivate many new fields and fulfill demand gaps in the market. Going forward, KiBi will continue to develop high-precision products that are safe and durable by making full use of sealing technology, beyond existing areas of the field.

Kibi has been introduced to Sri Lanka in 2017 with intention of offering a 100% Japanese product which has been a market need for many years. Imported from Meiji Sangyo Company, Japan, SKM expect Kibi to become the next big thing in automotive aftermarket industry in Sri Lanka.

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JS Asakashi is a Tokyo based company which has it’s production plant in South Korea. It has a complete product range of filters which consists of Oil, Air, Fuel, Cabin and Transmission filters.

JS Asakashi is SKM’s latest addition to its’ product range with a positive market outlook in the years to come. Continuous inquiries and dealer requests island wide is a great indicator of the brand’s potential. Click here to view the website and its online catalog.

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The trademark 5’825 belongs to the Japanese company Ohno Rubber Industrial, one of the most famous manufacturers of rubber products for Japanese cars. The company was founded in 1941 and is the most popular in the domestic market of Japan

A brand strictly targets the popular market segment for our company, high quality seekers, 5’825 (OHNO) has been an established brand for over a decade in Sri Lanka. The availability of this brand is limited to retailers who value quality over cost.

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Niles is one of the leading suppliers of switches and electronic components for automobile use. Niles outstanding reputation for quality and technology has been embraced by auto manufacturers and automotive systems suppliers around the world.

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Located in Aichi, Japan, the establishment of Fuji carbon brushes dates back to 1st of February 1935. The company has been able to attract customers from all over the world and serve the market as the leader in Sri Lanka as well as many other nations for carbon brushes

Widely available and accepted among all retailers, Fuji is the number one choice in Sri Lanka. When anyone purchases carbon brushes, there is a high chance that it will be of FUJI brand.

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B.K.T. Industry Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in manufacturing automobile and machinery parts. The company’s trademark “BKT” has been established for decades together with our experience in die-casting metal products made of brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, etc. This depth of experience has enabled BKT to become a manufacturer producing high quality parts for automobile and machinery industries.

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Musashi Oil Seal Mfg.Co.,Ltd. manufactures oil seal and O-Ring products. It also makes seal cap and oil level gauges. The company was founded in 1948 and is based in Tokyo, Japan.

Compact yellow packaging and distinctive quality features from its’ rivals has created Musashi a great niche market of gentlemen. Placed in the top half of the market segmentation, this brand is presented only to those who seek quality over cost. With a history of almost four decades in Sri Lanka, Musashi is a well-known brand for the retailers and mechanics who promote high quality products.

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The underlying philosophy behind all NiBK friction materials is based on a single fact that no single formula is able to deliver the ideal characteristics necessary for top performance and reliability for all applications.That is why each NiBK friction formula is individually created for optimal performance in the specific vehicle type it is used for.

Introduced to the island a mere couple of years back by SKM, NiBK now has grown into stand tall as a giant in brake pad sector. It’s uniqueness in packaging as well as the material combination of Organic and ceramic fibers has earned its’ rightful place thus far. The secret for it’s success is it’s massive range of products. Brake pads, Shoes, Liners & Rotors are available with guaranteed quality at reasonable prices. This brand is gradually becoming a signature brand for our company. Click here to view the web site and online catalog.

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Nippon Wiper Blade Co.,LTD (NWB) is a Wiper Blade maker that offers safe and clear vision to cars worldwide and other transportation vehicles. NWB Wipers are proud to be used as No.1 genuine parts for all the car makers in Japan, and are also used as genuine parts for overseas car makers.

This brand comes in a few sub brands such as NWB designer, Aqua, aero rain and Conventional along with it’s rear wiper blade line up. Widely available product that sits top of the wiper blade market in Sri Lanka with a service time of over four decades. Srikantha Motors is the proud authorized importer and distributor of NWB in Sri Lanka since it’s inception. Click here to view the company web site.

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